Usman Unveals The Glassworker at TEDxTokyo

The Glassworker

“Life is beautiful but fragile, like glass itself.”

I am in Japan for TEDxTokyo 日本語
Very grateful to be here to speak and perform. Here is a look at what I will be speaking about:

Animation Project Proposal
Music & Art by Usman Riaz

I have been watching Japanese animation since I was a child and no medium means more to me.

The music of Joe Hisaishi and the films of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki are what inspire me the most and I want to express my love for their beautiful art with my short film 'The Glassworker'.

This video is a short summary of the project and what I wish for this film to be. It is my love letter to Studio Ghibli.

I am looking for help and guidance to make this vision a reality.

-Usman Ria