We provide high quality string recordings for records (Lana Del Rey), advertising productions (Samsung Galaxy S6) and film. Featuring Violin, Viola and Cello, our string recordings vary from a textured string ensemble sounds, string quartets, to ornate solo lines. 

Clients can choose their strings to be:

  • Arranged by our composers
  • Played from clients pre-written parts or midi
  • Sustained lines, imaginative textures, experimental effects, to arabic style performance and more

All recordings are handled by our string specialized recording/mixing engineer who can also deliver string mix on request.

Samsung Galaxy S6 - We Are Greater Than I


SONGOLOLO MUSIC represents VICENTE ESPI, a mixing engineer known for his sensitivity balanced mixes that reveal artists emotional intensity with clarity. A former professional concert violinist, his musicianship combined with his technical precision is invaluable for creating space in mixes for Singer-Songwriters, Pop, Electronic, Soul,  Folk, Rock, and Contemporary Classical artists. 


SONGOLOLO MUSIC represents ALEX PSAROUDAKIS, an experienced mastering Engineer currently working from a fine tuned studio at M-Works Mastering, in Boston (USA). Known for his fastidious ears that balances mixes leaving them feeling polished, and musical; Alex’s masters are dynamic while remaining competitively loud. Mastering since 1999, it is no surprise that Alex Psaroudakis’ clients continue to be influential labels, EDM, Electronic, Techno, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Reggae artists today.

"Acute attention to detail, personal sincerity in realizing the needs and the goals of the client, Alex’s mastering is the edge necessary for any contemporary record" - ANIMA!


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